Overview of the My Course Needs Portlet

note.jpg Advisors can also view this information for their advisees from the Advisee Roster portlet.

The My Course Needs portlet (formerly the Course Needs portlet) allows students to view all required course and group requirements that have not been satisfied for their selected or projected program of study and allows parents/other persons with appropriate permissions to view courses the student must take to complete their selected or projected program.

·       The information that is displayed includes how much credit needs to be earned to complete the requirement as well as the current status of the requirement.

·       If it is a category or group requirement, required elements of the requirement are displayed.

·       Course offerings that will satisfy the requirement are displayed for each course requirement.

·       This portlet is used by the Major Exploration portlet to provide students and advisors with courses that would be needed to complete a major, minor, or other program of study.

·       If a student has more than one program requirement, the Course Requirements screen displays detailed information about the requirements needed and satisfied for a specific aim or sub-audit.

o      The screen displayed each requirement and description, what is needed (credits, specified GPA, etc.) to satisfy the requirement, and what has already been earned.

o      If available, the Recalculate Student Progress button allows students and advisors to recalculate student progress using up-to-date information from EX.